Workflow Execution Traces

Workload traces are widely used to profile and characterize workflow executions, and to build distributions of workflow execution behaviors, which are used to evaluate methods and techniques in simulation or in real conditions.

The first axis of the WorkflowHub project targets the collection and curation of open access production workflow executions from various scientific applications shared in a common trace format. The WorkflowHub Python package provides a set of tools for analyzing traces, which can be used to develop workflow recipes for the Workflow Generator.

List of Workflow Execution Traces

In this page, we keep a list of open access workflow execution trace repositories that host traces compliant with The WorkflowHub JSON format for describing workflow executions. We are constantly seeking for additional workflow execution traces for refining or developing new workflow recipes for the WorkflowHub’s workflow generator.

Workflow execution traces are organized into sub-folders within the repositories. Each sub-folder represents a workflow application, which itself contains sub-folders for workflow executions in different computing platforms. For each workflow application, a file provides detailed description of the workflow structure and pointers to relevant material.

Open Access Trace Repositories

We are constantly seeking for additional traces to be added to the list below. If you want to also have your traces listed in this page, please contact us at Note that each trace should be compatible with The WorkflowHub JSON format.

Repository # Applications # Computing Platforms # Traces  
Pegasus Workflow Execution Traces 6 1 101